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About the District

The Independence Fire District was established in 1979 under KRS 75 and annexed the city limits of Independence and the surrounding areas in 1991.  The Fire District covers 43 square miles with a population of over 50,000 people.  This makes the Fire District the largest land area in Kenton County and second, behind only Covington in population. 

About the District Board

The District Board is a seven person board that has the power to operate the Fire Department and levy tax upon the property in the Fire District. The Kenton County Judge Executive appoints three board members that serve a three year term.  Two board members are elected by property owners in the Fire District and two are elected by the Fire Department membership.  All elected member terms are four years. On April 22,  2004, House Bill 406 was signed into law by Governor Fletcher.  This bill amends KRS 75 to allow a fire district which serves as the primary ambulance service to raise their tax rates to no higher than 20 cents for every $100.  This bill will allow the Fire District to continue to grow in the future and meet the demand of the community. District Board meetings are open to the public and are held at Station 1 on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm.

Board Members

William Eggleston- Board Chair                                                Term Expires 2024

Pat Cook- Board Treasurer                                                          Term Expires 2025

Josh Cox- Board Secretary                                                           Term Expires 2023

Arthur Anderson- Board Trustee                                               Term Expires 2024

Jason Stewart- Board Trustee                                                    Term Expires 2026


Dan Richman- Board Trustee                                                     Term Expires 2025

Richard Messingschlager- Board Trustee                             Term Expires 2023

Steve Martin- Attorney

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