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A Knox-Box, known officially as the KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System, is a small, wall-mounted safe that holds building keys for fire departmentsemergency medical services to retrieve in emergency situations. Local fire departments can hold master keys to all boxes in their response area, so that they can quickly enter a building without having to force entry or find individual keys held in deposit at the station. Sometimes the Knox Master Key is stored in a key retention device such as Sentralok or KeySecure. Knox Master Key retention devices provide accountability on access to the key. KeySecure records an audit trail of when the key is accessed while Sentralok requires a dispatcher to release the key with DTMF tones.

A Knox-Box can also cut fire losses for building owners since firefighters can enter buildings without breaking doors or windows. It can also reduce the potential of a firefighter being injured forcing entry.

The KnoxBox is available for both residential and commercial customers and can be ordered from the link below.

What is a KnoxBox?

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