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The first firehouse was opened in 1938 and located adjacent to the Kenton County Court House and remained open until 1999. Several additions were added to Station 1 throughout the years to accommodate the growing department and community.  This station housed 2 engines, 2 ambulances and 1 utility truck in it's final years.


In 1974, Station 2 was built on Cox Rd. for $37,320 and helped serve the east side of the Fire District.   Station 3 was built on Richardson Rd. in 1976 and served the west side of the Fire District.


Construction began for a new firehouse in 1998.   Located just 1 mile south of the original Station 1, a new $1.3 million building was under way.  Construction was completed and the first shift in the new firehouse was on May 5, 1999.  The current Station 1 serves as the headquarters for the Fire District and is staffed 24 hours a day by the Fire District's career firefighters.  This station houses 2 engines, 2 ambulances and 1 utility vehicle.


Ground breaking for the relocation of Station 3 to Richardson Rd. and Fox Run Dr. was on August 17, 2005.  Beginning in March 2005 Station 3 became manned by career firefighters 11 hours a day.  Station 3  houses an  Engine  and a Paramedic Ambulance.   April 1, 2006 served as the first day the new Station 3 was open for operations 24 hours a day.


Station 2 was razed and rebuild on the current site.  This station will has been staffed by career firefighters 24 hours a day since it reopened on January 1, 2008.  Station 2 houses an Engine.

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