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Week 8- Community Risk Reduction and Graduation

October 30th Week 8 class covered the final topic of the academy, Community Risk Reduction and Graduation. This lesson introduced the students to fire prevention theory and concepts of fire safety education. Areas covered were fire prevention principles, building and fire codes, related fire safety organizations, fire safety education, and presenting fire safety presentations to various age groups.

Week 6- Regional Teams

October 23rd Week 7 class covered Kenton County Dispatch and Communications. Students got a behind the scenes look at how emergency service communications are conducted and how 911 calls are handled. Students spent time in the dispatch center where they witnessed the initial call and how a dispatcher alerts the appropriate responders to the emergency. 

Week 7- Regional Teams

October 16th Week 6 class covered the use of Northern Kentucky Regional Teams such at HAZMAT, Arson Task Force, Mutual Aid, and Technical Rescue were discussed regarding the use and the specialties of each. Students also experienced live fire from a prefabricated room with household contents and learned how to determine the origin of a fire.

Week 6- Regional Teams

October 9th Week 5 class covered portions of EMS. University of Cincinnati Aircare provided a helicopter to land and discuss the importance of air medical services and the jobs they perform. Although their visit was cut short due to an emergency, we were able to continue the evening with an informative hands-on CPR class.

Week 5- Emergency Medical Services