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The Mission of the Independence Fire District is to operate a fire and emergency service.  This service is for the prevention and suppression of fires, protection of life and property, and administering aid to person or persons through emergency medical technicians.  This service will respond to emergencies and natural disasters that affect our citizens.

Our services will not include explosive device search and disposal or hazardous materials offensive operations.

Our service will support confined space rescue, and high angle rope rescue.  This mission will be accomplished through the efforts of our paid and volunteer staff.  By continually upgrading our equipment, education and technical skills, we will be able to deliver quality services to our citizens.

The Independence Fire District has 44 career, 11 part-time and 4 volunteer professionals who provide Emergency Medical, Fire and Rescue services within the City as well as the Fire District which extends beyond City limits.



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EMT Class Announcement

January 1, 2014

The Independence Fire District EMT class scheduled for January 2014 has been cancelled due to low enrollment.  Another class will be scheduled for August 2014.
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